Staging Sells Homes Faster – Take this Important Pre-Listing Step

Staging Anthem

Staging your home properly is a critical step towards maximizing the value you receive from any potential sale. Grab onto that all important positive first impression and hold it right through to a speedy sale of your home.  Consciously or sub-consciously, if a buyer is highly impressed by your home, he or she will come back. Staging goes the distance when it comes to enticing a buyer to want to return and take a second or even a third look.

One of the most important goals of staging is to highlight the greatest attributes of your home and minimize its weaknesses. The truth is that your taste in furniture and other decor may be more appealing to you than to your target buyer’s market. Staging to attract the buying market cannot be underplayed, nor can it be accentuated enough.


Anthem Stage Staging

Mary Alice Hegreness, Certified Home Stager

Mary Alice Hegreness is a certified professional at staging homes and a licensed Realtor.  Our friends here in Anthem know that when a Hegreness Realty sign goes into a yard, that home shows beautifully.  Realtors in Anthem express the same sentiment telling us “we love to show the best homes to our clients, and yours always shine for them”.

Mary Alice’s endless passion for staging homes, her remarkable talent and her discerning vision combine to create results that sell homes quickly and at their maximum potential .  Together with her willing and devoted staging team Mary Alice works with you to prepare your home to show at its absolute best, she knows how to appeal to the largest number of buyers and how to grab and hold their attention.

Having a full-time certified professional home stager on the Hegreness Realty Team sets Hegreness Realty apart from its colleagues in the Real Estate industry.  Choosing Hegreness Realty and allowing us to stage your home will save you money and set you on your way to minimizing the stress of having to keep your home clean and show-ready simply by selling your home faster and at a better price.


Mary Alice has plenty of tips for staging your home, here are some of them:

Outdoor Staging Anthem Staging Landscaping Stage

  • Is your lawn or gravel in good condition?  What about yard ornaments and other artwork?
  • Are the hedges, shrubs and trees trimmed?  Have you removed any dead, dying or other unattractive plants?
  • How about that fence, is it in good repair? Does it need painting or to have cracks filled?

Staging Home Exteriors

  • Does your paint look fresh?  Are there any visible cracks or holes that need to be patched?
  • Are all doors working properly, opening/sliding with ease?  Do the locks work properly with out jiggling or force?
  • Is the sound of your doorbell pleasant?  Does it work?
  • How about that driveway, is it free of grease and debris?

Garage Staging in Important Too

  • Do your doors go up and down easily and  silently?
  • Have you cleaned up your workbench?  Are your tools neatly arranged?
  • Look at the floor too, is it clean and in good condition?

Staging your home Anthem stage your home Anthem Staging in Anthem Stage in AnthemStaging Functional and Beautiful Kitchens

  • Are your appliances clean and polished?
  • Has your sink been cleared of dishes, dish cloths, soap, scrubbers and any other cleaning paraphernalia?
  • Are you proud to have someone peer into your cupboards or praying that they do not open your doors? Interested home buyers WILL open and look into drawers and cupboards so consider the impression that yours will leave on the buyer
  • Have a good look at your faucets:  Are they in good repair? Have you taken the time to remove any calcium build-up?
  • Are those big beautiful windows sparkling clean?  Are your window coverings dust and stain free and out of the way?  You want your kitchen to be as bright as it can possibly be.


Staging Warm and Inviting Bedrooms Staging Anthem stage Anthem Staging Bedroom staging bedroom anthem

  • Are your walls and ceilings freshly painted and cleaned?
  • Are your beds neatly made?
  • Strangers will be looking in your closets, are they neat and tidy?  Will anything “jump” or fall out if a door is opened?
  • Have you really looked at your curtains or other window coverings lately?  Are they in good condition and dust/dirt free?
  • Are your windows clean and ready to allow all that beautiful natural light pour into and brighten up your bedroom?

Stage Staging Staged Bathroom AnthemBathroom and Powder Room Staging

  • Check to ensure that the floors and walls and fixtures are clean and in good condition.
  • Achieving “sanitary” and pleasant is possible.  Does your bathroom do that? Living Room Stage staging staged

Staging a Welcoming Living Room / Great Room 

  • Again, are the walls and ceilings all freshly painted or cleaned?
  • Are window coverings in good and clean condition?
  • How about those carpets?  Many people see and are turned off by dirt, a clean carpet will likely go unnoticed but a dirty carpet will turn away potential buyers.
  • Remember, you want potential buyers to notice the beautiful natural light streaming through your windows and lighting up your gorgeous space, not that your windows were dirty or streaky.
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